Servicing your project from start to finish

We can take your concept and translate it to the real thing. Our company has 20 years experience in product design and value engineering. Most of our projects have been microprocessor based with software and hardware design in-house. We have undertaken designs with most brands of processors, interfacing to the real world using a variety of sensors. Our forte is the design of extremely low power consumption, battery-powered, handheld instruments using Texas Instruments MSP430 family of microcontrollers.


If your product needs an injection molded case, then we can organise it. Our skill has also created products for the international marketplace.


We use Autocad for mechanical design and Altium Designer 6 for schematic/PCB artwork design. Our engineers develop the software for your project in-house. Our PCB design service locks the artwork design to the schematic removing chance for error.


Altium uses next generation Situs Topological Autorouting giving greater flexibility in route path determination. It has support for balanced



The company has 27 years of experience in PCB assembly and turnkey product manufacture. We also possess a product standardsmark licence 1144 from Quality Assurance Services. All products that we make for our customers are built to our high qualtity which ensures all units are identical, traceable and tested to approved documentation.


We can produce both through-hole and SMD assemblies or a mixture of the technologies.


We have the complete range of new production equipment in-house for both SMT and through-hole manufacture.


Our SMT line begins with a vision based stencilling machine to accurately apply paste to the PCB.

Our Fritsh brand, pick and place, surface mount machine is the latest German design featuring twin travelling cameras plus laser on-the-go component measuring system. It also uses a bottom looking, wide depth of field camera for checking larger parts such as microprocessors. We can fit up to 256 x 8mm feeders onto the SMT machine, thereby being able to load most PCBs in a single pass. Feeders are fitted onto all four sides of the machine.

We have experienced engineers which can offer help in manufacture such as suggesting alternate components to avoid delays.


We can source components locally through authorised distributors or direct from international parts suppliers.


Turnkey products or complete PCB assemblies can be

soaked and tested to give the best reliability.


We have an industry reputation for quality work.


Try us for your next electronic assembly requirement.

Our Asscon SMT soldering system is the newest generation technology, vapour phase reflow type. It uses the heat of condensation of a hot vapour changing to liquid to transfer heat completely to the PCB assembly until every single part has reached the temperature of the vapour. This transfer takes place in an oxygen free environment, with a heavier than air "liquid teflon" vapour reaching every point in the assembly, even under parts such as BGAs and CSPs.

Advantages of this method include:


  • No more overheating of assemblies as the fluid defines the maximum temperature.
  • Continuous heating-up of all parts including heavy, high mass parts.
  • Calibrated initially at installation for the desired temperature gradient using microprocessor controlled heating power.
  • Individual temperature profiling and pre-heating is not required to solder any type of PCB assembly. The end of the process is signalled automatically when every single point of the assembly has reached the constant boiling point of the fluid.
  • BGAs and CSPs are soldered by the best method in the market place giving the highest yield avoiding the formation of cold soldering locations and voids especially when using lead free solders.


differential signal paths for high speed signal design such as Ethernet.


We have extensive experience in designing to meet CE, Australian C-tick and US FCC requirements. We have our own in-house calibrated antenna/RF and Line impedance spectrum analysers for preliminary testing our designs to meet governmental noise regulations.


Our products have successfully entered the international marketplace such as the US and Chinese markets.


We always stay up with the latest trends in circuit technology, choosing the right processor for your application. If you require intrinsically safe products for the mining industry, we can do this for you.


We have experience in designing for voice frequency products, industrial control, moving message LED outdoor signs, large outdoor electromechanical signboards using Signalex and Ferranti-Packard displays. Our products have included medical gas alarm panels, hand held controllers, hand held meters, automotive data logging equipment, ticket machines, automotive diagnostic equipment, fumigation controllers.


Projects usually start with a brief from the customer which leads to a quotation which identifies the major resources used in the design. After an R&D order is received, the schematic diagram is produced together with an idea of the shape of the PCB assembly or finished product.


The PCB artwork and any mechanical drawings are designed. The budget price is confirmed and a prototype is built, including software and testing if required. The customer confims the correct operation or desired modifications to hardware and software.


After agreement of successful operation of the product, a full package of drawings is passed to the customer including production details, artwork files, software listings


and bill of materials. Intellectual propety belongs to the customer upon receipt of full payment of fees.


We have in house PCB assembly services from protoyping right through to complete production assembly.


We are one of the few companies that can take your idea from concept to prototype, then to production, all in-house. This removes the delays and arguments between the design company and the production company.


This results in a cheaper price in the long run and gives you a shorter time-to-market. We usually get the job done right the first time and we love challenges.


Please contact us for a quote.